A Crack In Your Roof? Act Quickly!

You know, your roof is an important part of the overall structure of your home. As soon as you have a problem with your roof, the entire integrity of your property is affected. Do you think there is a crack in your roof? Act quickly to avoid more serious problems!

The risks to you and your home if you don’t have the crack in your roof fixed

Your roof protects your property from the elements while providing insulation functions. The slightest break in your roof and the integrity of your property is at risk! Indeed, water infiltration is harmful to the wood and the insulating materials of your house. Without a roof crack repair, there is a risk that water will breakthrough and lead to new cracks which will make the problem worse.

In addition to creating additional cracks, moisture provides fertile ground for the growth of mold and harmful microorganisms. The fungi feed on the wood and insulating materials of your property. They set up colonies in the ceiling and walls of your home and then release toxic spores into the air.

Identify the break in your roof before sealing the roof leak

The first step in sealing a roof leak is to identify cracked or damaged tiles. If you want to inspect your roof yourself, there are several safety measures you need to take. Work on a roof requires knowledge of the risks as well as suitable equipment to secure your position once at the top.

Use a stable ladder and have a trusted person watch the ladder below. Once on the roof, make sure you have solid support on the roof covering, do not stand up, and pay attention to your balance.

Once your position is stabilized, inspect your roof and look for cracked, cracked, or even torn tiles. Remember to bring your tools with you to avoid round trips!

Re-glue and replace the defective shingles to repair the leak in your roof

Once you have completed your inspection, repair your roof! Peel back the shingles that tend to fold back on themselves and seal the cracks with a specialized product. Be aware, however, that if the damage to your roof is too substantial, you will have no other choice than to have your roof renovated! Indeed, when the roof is too old or the repairs have not been taken care of quickly enough, the complete or partial repair of the roof becomes essential to avoid deeper problems.